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Heart Failure – Smoking vs Vaping E-Liquids

Smoking is a major risk factor, for heart failure and other serious conditions.  Smoking causes the arteries to become blocked and makes it more difficult for the heart to pump blood around the body.  The heart has to work twice as a result, putting an enormous strain upon it.

If you smoke then you truly need to quit. There are many methods of stopping smoking and your doctor will be able to advise you on which is the best choice for you. There are also a number of ‘self-help’ books available that may be helpful.

If you’re finding hard time quitting smoking you can use e-cigs as an alternative methode to quit smoking.

The Best Organic E-Juice Flavors

All across the globe, people are looking for healthy alternatives to the normal products. This doesn’t stop at e-juices. Many want high quality e-juices with low-chemical ingredients. Although it doesn’t sound possible, they do exist. In fact, more and more companies are starting to provide their loyal customers with organic e-juices. Let’s take a look at the more reputable companies that offer organic options.

Virgin Vapor

If you search organic e-juices, you’ll come across this name first. This brand is award-winning for high quality flavors. These e-liquids are made in the United States by Annette Rogers. They are GMO-free, made with vegan ingredients and free gluten and artificial sweeteners. She has a variety of nicotine content, as well as a good mixture between PG and VG content, depending on what you’re looking for. When it comes to flavors, she has many delicious options that leave the taste buds asking for more. Her Blueberry Bliss and Cherry Pop flavors are a must-try for every user.

Kind Juice E-Nectars

This company set itself apart from competitors when it first launched by becoming one of the first organic e-juice companies. They have continued to grow, leaving their company transparent. They completely disclose all ingredients and encourage transparency in other companies. They have a selection of great flavors, providing completely organic alternatives to the average e-juices.

Atomic Labs

Another Canadian company, Atomic has a reputation for being above average. Claiming to be the world’s finest for VG-based organic e-juices. They offer 100% natural VG-based e-juices, giving competitors a run for their money. They steep all of their flavors for supreme quality in taste. These flavors have quite a variety, but they are famous for their Cheesecake and Tutti Frutti flavors. They have a line called “Sub Atomic Vapor” that is ideal for cloud chasers, while also being organic!

There are many other companies looking to provide organic e-juices for their customers. As the markets grow, so does the demand for alternatives. Naturally, society has become more conscious of the chemicals an byproducts they are putting into their bodies. The demand for less chemicals has been spreading quickly throughout the industry of edibles, mainly in food and drink. As e-juices are ingested as well, it makes sense that society wants organic e-juices. Although standard e-juices don’t have a lot of chemicals in them anyway. It’s a matter of supply and demand and the premium e-liquid brands recognize that.

So, although we’ve only named three big-brands in the organic e-juice industry, look forward to more. There are many companies looking to have their name added to the list of organic e-juices.

Of course, to be completely honest,  there is no e-juice that exists completely chemical free. In a bottle with 0 nicotine content, it is possible. However, if there is any nicotine content to your e-juices, there is going to be a hint of chemicals in your e-juices. This is because nicotine itself is a chemical. But, the companies listed above offer a good start to healthier alternatives and more companies are bound to follow the lead. If you would like to know about different e-juice companies click here.