Our Introduction Post About Nature

When You go outside to have a good time with your family be aware of bears, wolves and other animals because they can be attracted by smell of your grilled food. Also this type of warning is a good technique for camp owners. Usually when people go for camping they leave a lot of trashes after them since to prevent people from doing that camp owners has a warning sign for people to put all of their food to a metal box with a lock and pick all of their trashes because these things can attract bears, wolves, etc. Even if in some areas bears and wolves aren’t very common thing people do not know that and do what was told to do…I am very against those people who just leave their trashes without any consciousness about nature so this message is not just a joke about how to prevent people from leaving trashes all around themselves but I encourage you to say the same thing to people who are around you not to throw garbages all around.